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"From fat to fit..."

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I used to be fat. If you need to lose weight I empathize completely with you and have the skills to melt the yellow stuff away. Do you lack confidence & self esteem? get up and go got up and gone? Lost your Mojo? I can get it back for you using Advanced Motivation Techniques & Sound Nutritional Guidance!! 

October 2015 Edition of Glamour Magazine

All fees quoted are for online sessions. Rob also has an exclusive Clinic in Mayfair near to Bond St Tube Station, London.

Rob Phoenix is also known as Rob Martin. *Results will vary depending on your personal commitment.

The fat motivator

Robert Phoenix Motivates People to Burn Fat.  He is The Fat Motivator.

Robert also teaches that to burn fat, you have to embrace eating fat...

The 2 words words - FAT & MOTIVATOR focus on his skill set which will turn your body into a Fat Melting Furnace!

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Robert Phoenix

These 2 pictures were taken 12 weeks apart. In 12 weeks I lost over 3 1/2 stones [ 22 Kilos] or 22 bags of Sugar!

Some people cannot help being obese due to illness or medications but for the rest of us who can't stop stuffing our faces with sweet and junk foods i'm here to give you the healthy body that you crave & deserve!

Whatever your size you are beautiful / handsome but for health reasons and quality of life it is essential that you get rid of your flab! 

My services are available World Wide with sessions conducted through messenger so whether you are in London, New York or Sydney contact me today!